Cress (Spoiler Alert)

Must I say Marissa Meyer did an amazing job at turning the story I was once told during my childhood about Rapunzel to something even more magical!

Please, a round of applause everyone for the amazing Marissa Mayer!


Every time I finished a book in the Lunar Chronicles my heart began to hurt more and more so I decided to put my excitement aside and learn to enjoy the moment by taking my time to read. But, as you all know I am the Binge Reader which means that there is a 0% chance that I will actually put down a book that ends up in my hands and HONESTLY that’s how I felt with every book in the Lunar Chronicles. The one thing I loved about this book was that not only was I introduced to the two most peculiar and cutest couple (Cress and Thorne) but that most of the characters got to meet each other and also under some very peculiar circumstances, and as one they decided to put their differences aside and tried to save the world from a dictator who yearned for nothing but greed, greed for power, wealth, beauty and revenge. This is what I love about writers such as Marissa Meyer, they take the affairs of the world and try to educate the younger generations but at the same time give them heroes such as these characters to inspire them to be the change in this world. If I’ve learnt anything from these books it would be to love and except yourself as well as others and to celebrate each others differences, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate” – Oprah Winfrey

My first impression of Cress was that she was clever but also a push about especially when it came to her mistress Sybil, I thought of her this way until the end of the book after Sybil had died and all the horrible and emotional, tragic events took place. I started to get really excited when I felt like Cress and Thorne were going to become a couple, but I was not impressed with Thorne as he was really cold and blunt towards her. Or maybe I always found it difficult to like Thorne out of all the characters as he was constantly sarcastic and showed no emotions beside his flirtatious behaviour, with EVERY female he came across. I felt that Cress was a special person and needed someone to love her deeply, and after being locked up in a satellite around her whole life she needed real friends.

Boy pleasee, choose a gurl already! 

This is the one thing that sort of saddened me about the book Cress, it was that even up until the last book Cress was not as close to any of the female or  male characters as she was to Thorne. I felt like the characters were not as welcoming and kind to her as they should/ could have been. Despite all of this I found that Cress and Thorne’s adventure in the desert was cute but also intense as they were in the middle of nowhere searching for help, this is when I started liking Thorne as he was even generous enough to give his water to her when they hardly had any left (the tough boy is coming out of his shell). I was soo happy for them when they found help and acted as newlyweds. This was when they coincidentally ended up finding cinder and the rest of the crew. I think that was when I started crying because my baby Wolf was being drugged because he was so violent and angry about Sybil taking Scarlet to Lunar. And Cress was kidnapped because she was a shell, but then found and what was cute was Thorne (blind Throne) was about to die because he lost her. At the same time, Dr Dmitri Erland turned out to be Cress’s Father and and he died but before he did he formed the solution for Thorne’s eyes and told him to take care of Cress.

Basically, Lorrrrrd Have Mercy Upon My Soul. This book drove me maddd, that’s why I’m basically repeating everything that happened because I was shocked, overwhelmed and confused and my emotions were bloody everywhere. You all should recommend the Lunar series to friends and family.


Scarlet (Spoiler Alert)

Scarlet, a story that will always have a place in my heart, the main reason for this is Wolf. When I first heard that the next story in The Lunar Chronicles was not based on only Cinder and the prince Kai, I wasn’t happy. Why? Because I thought that their love story was the best, but I was wrong, nothing beats or will ever beat a Wolf’s love for his chosen alpha.

no alone.gif
I need me a wolf man! Where do you get them from though?

The novel Scarlet in my opinion is the best book in the whole of The Lunar Chronicles, in this book you’ll meet many characters, the most important of course are, Scarlet herself and Wolf her love interest. Scarlet, is someone I’d wish to be, she’s a total bad ass, as is every other main female character in The Lunar Chronicles, but no one beats her. To fall in love with or even trust a man/wolf is insane, and not to mention he’s fallen for the girl he’s meant to be hunting. When I read the first couple of pages and chapters of the book, I couldn’t help but notice that I’d fallen for a fictional character. Wolf is everything I’d want in a man from, the way he looks and treats Scarlet to the way he protects her, like she’s his life and more. When Wolf and Scarlet first met in the Rieux Tavern, in chapter two, page 13, Marissa Meyer made the connection between them soooo touching that I wanted to shove Scarlet out of the way and place myself there instead.

How I feel about Wolf.

Marissa Meyer describes Wolf, as a big handsome, shy, childlike, rough looking character. He has Olive skin and an amazing body, one that can take you in and engulf you, now I know why Scarlet didn’t want to come out of his embrace. Because I wouldn’t! I’d want to be stuck in that position for the rest of my life.


On the other hand, Scarlet is this beautiful, pale, red headed girl, she an average height but, is a perfect match for Wolf with her wild mouth and short temper. If I’m right he fell in love with her because, she wasn’t one to give in or up easily, she even SHOT him, threatened him and still he only loved her more. Awwhhhh what is this sh*t man it makes me depressed!!!!!!!!

Yeah I know right? She’s CRAZY! You tell her you little, yellow minion thing! (She really did shoot him). Not cool!


Although, I did say this was going to be a spoiler alert, I’m not going to moan on any longer, I basically just kind of summed up what I loved about the book, this is because the rest is, for you all to discover. So, the question of the day is, What are your first impressions of the book Scarlet from only reading this review? Also do you prefer my reviews being this short, or would you like me to talk more about the books in general?

Please do not hesitate to ask questions and recommend books for me to review.

Thank you, all my beautiful Binge Readers and Binge Eaters, I look forward to hearing your opinions.

Stay tuned I’ll be back soon!


CINDER!  This book is where it all started for me. What I mean by this is that I finally started to love books after I read Cinder. Now, those of you who have realised, The Lunar Chronicles aka, (Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter) were not published long ago. So, this can only mean that my passion for binge reading only started quite recently.  But, I am quite a fast reader, so not to worry.

Okay, now here is a little insider to what Cinder is all about. Cinder is the first book in The Lunar Chronicles, which makes it the most important book of all. Cinder is basically a more modern story of Cinderella, but it is also better! Wait, did I just say that? Hmmm, yes, yes I did. But here’s a fact, Cinder, is not your typical 16-year-old teenager. She’s a cyborg, but one living in an android ruled world, I’d say. She’s kind, loving, but dangerous in her own way. (When you read both Cinder and Scarlet you’ll understand what I mean).

What is it that got me attached to this book?

The very first thing I’d say, is Marissa Meyer did an AMAZING job at making you fall in love with all the characters. Marissa Meyer, has a special way of writing, she almost makes you feel like your living inside the book, rather than being an onlooker.This way of writing is the main reason as to why I fell for the series, because I got so attached to the characters that I felt every emotion, deeply.

YES! Physically inside the book!

Info about some of the main characters


A kind and loving character who happens to, spend most of her life living as someone else, when actually she’s more than just a cyborg and mechanic in New Beijing. (Of course, she has no idea that she’s really important, yet.)

Basic Facts about Cinder

1.       She’s 16-years-old

2.       She’s not from her princes world (you will soon find out in Scarlet)

3.       She is a fair person (she will not mistreat you)

4.       She’s cyborg (she has a computer in her head. Whatttttt. That’s AWESOME dude.)

Iko- a key character in the book

Not only is Iko the bubbliest and the funniest character you’ll meet, but she’s also known to be Cinder’s best friend, which also happens to be an android. Yay, now humans are living in peace and harmony with androids, not that they can break bones if you got on their bad side, right? But hey, I guess Marissa Meyer is trying to break stereotypes. So you go gurl, do yo thang.


Prince Kaito-Main character

Kia is the prince of New Beijing, and due to unexpected circumstances he will soon have to be the empress. Why? Well, since this is no spoiler alert, why don’t you read the book for yourself and find out.  The young prince is trying to survive through all the stress that he has to face, but will his broken heart fall for the cyborg girl? Or, will she be part of the reason, as to why he suffered so much? I don’t know, you tell me.

Basic facts on Kai

1.       He is Asian (Chinese)

2.       He’s HOT, sooo to die for but not like Wolf. (Oh, who’s wolf? Not saying! Hehe)

3.       He’s  young


And that my friends, is all that I’ll be saying about the book, as I’d like you all to go and enjoy yourselves whilst reading it.

So, from what you have heard from me so far, will you be interested in reading the book?

Ever tried binge eating? Now try binge reading!